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2011-09-25 18:30:44 by gideon56

Woah, it has been a while! It's like a forgot about Newgrounds or something! :o

So, everyone should definitely try the game League of Legends. It's free, it's fun and it's FREE. If you are a fan of DotA then you will probably love League of Legends. Feel free to add me, my summoner name is Baethoren

I got a new computer

2010-07-05 08:24:21 by gideon56

I got a new computer and it kicks ass.
I don't really like my Requiem for a Dream song.. because it sucks.
I'm jealous of Zach's Bard's Song entry because I don't have FruityLoops on my new computer to make somthing better >.>
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: I don't have FruityLoops on my new computer. >.<
Also, my sleep schedule is way off and it's annoying.
Another thing: I would've taken time to type out a nice news update... but I didn't
I finally found my DS charger so i can once again get my ass kicked on Pokemon Platinum.
I like World of Warcraft and my name is Gìdeon on the server Arathor :)
I'm posting all sorts of info snippets and I'm running out of info.
I like the song Goof by Binärpilot and I think everyone should listen to it.

As it is with ALL OF MY POSTS: Please post ur favourite music or music you just think I would like. Hell, post your own music even if you think I won't like it... Or.. Just post.. Idc :)

Dream On, Newgroundians.

I got a new computer

Yeah.. Fml

2010-06-03 23:25:14 by gideon56

Bill here just saying... I failed Oral Comm. :(
I tried so hard on the semester test and made a 55/100

What really sucks is that the school's site said I had a 60 (not good but it's a passing grade) but it turns out that grade doesn't mean anything. It's my average that decides whether or not I pass... my average was a 54 (not passing)...
I have to take oral comm again next year. Fml

On the bright side of things the song Jukebox Hero by Foreigner cheers me up a bit :)
and I've been making more serious projects on FL Studio. Maybe someday they'll be good enough to post here :)

As it is with every post I make, PLEASE post ANY good music that you know of. Just comment on this on send it to me in a message, either way works. :P
Or I guess you could just comment for the hell of it :)

Good night for now everyone!

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2010-05-03 19:01:41 by gideon56

Well I (Bill) was in St. Louis for 4 days (awesome) but more importantly our (Bill and Zach's) music is finally up! ^-^ It's mediocre but it was really fun to make :P

and also I (Bill) am still failing Oral Comm.. if anyone wants to post any speech topics then that would be awesome ;)

If you know of any good music then post a link :D

P.S. The picture below is a charicature of me (Bill) and my friend Kyler. We went to Six Flags :3


Time for some changes

2010-04-24 20:13:38 by gideon56

My account is now shared by my friend, Zach, and I :D

As with every other post I make if you know of any good songs or artists then send me a link! Thanks

Nothing New

2010-04-14 19:36:02 by gideon56

Well, I've made a few songs on FL Studio... which is good.
And I'm failing Oral Communications... which is bad.

But in other news, my Bronzong in Pokemon Platinum is level 36 :D

If anyone knows of some good songs/ artists then send me a link ^-^


2010-04-11 01:27:43 by gideon56

Well, whoever read my last post knows that I am not good with FL Studios. However, that did not stop me from making the Intro to Legend of Zelda OoT (those triplets are a p.i.t.a. to make). I might upload it even though there isn't anything special about it.

In other news, I'm so tired right now that I'm can't even spell (it has taken me so long just to type this much due to corrections)

Last but not least if you have any good music or know of any good artists then send me a link :D

I wish I had more to say but I can't keep my eyes open, good night

FL Studio

2010-04-10 20:19:15 by gideon56

I've been making a few things on FL Studio lately but I don't have the patience or skill to make anything worth posting here on NG (or anywhere else) :P
I might get good enough to actually make something worth listening to but until then I'll just bitch about not being good enough to make anything worth listening to D:

If anyone has some good music then send me a link! I need some new stuff to listen to ;D


2010-04-09 17:32:41 by gideon56

I've been on a hunt for good music lately. I feel the need to download more techno/trance. If for some reason anyone is reading this and knows of some good music give me a shout :D

And also, I've been playing Pokemon Platinum and I swear the fourth gym is impossible D:


2010-03-21 18:29:30 by gideon56

So I've decided that boredom pretty much sucks. It sucks even more when you can't just fall asleep to make the boredom go away because you're an insomniac... I'm gonna go play Pokemon Ruby Version until my eyes melt. Later :)